About us

Trykot is a family company run by a mother-daughter duo. We combine experience of two generations and create unique items in line with the slow fashion and recycling concept. We know that responsible materials are the future of fashion. We tailor-make purses, backpacks, gadgets and accessories from old bags, canvas covers and other fabrics from the 1940s and 1950s.
We produce from fabrics which – just like our choices – stay with us for years and which are truly good quality. It is the excellence of the fabric that will allow you to use our products for years. Their price is oftentimes more expensive than the fabrics used by mass producers. But guarantee of durability follows the price in our case.
We love original things, which go way beyond mediocrity. These are unique, and at the same time do not contribute to contamination of the natural environment. We do not want to waste, we want to use and process. We are responsible and we look into the future and create fashion on our own terms.
Responsible production stopped being optional a long time ago. It is a necessity. And this is not only our decision. It is also yours. Your daily choices determine the future of the planet. Together we can achieve more!


We do not buy clothes forever. Even high-quality items become useless after a while. These things do not need to go to waste. We can give them a second life.
Upcycling, on which the Trykot brand is based, implies processing the raw material in such way as to create a higher value product. By making our bags, we alter old fabrics, sometimes even several dozen years old ones – such as old military sacks, military linen, tarpaulin, mail sacks, old kilim rugs, and burlap bags used for transporting coffee. These materials often originate from the 1940s and 1950s.
This way a completely useless thing becomes a functional item that can be used for many years to come.




In our work the creative process is reversed: first we are on the lookout for unique fabrics, and only then do we start thinking what can be made out of them. Producing in the spirit of upcycling is not easy. On the contrary – it is demanding at each step of the way, but it’s worth the effort. This is not only our passion but also the awareness that together with our customers we are helping the planet.


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