We help companies manage their textile waste and, in accordance with the idea of upcycling, create valuable products from it.

In cooperation with companies, we offer :

Converting the client’s textiles into high-quality products, which are created from the idea to the complex realization. In projects of this type, we try to use as much of the discarded fabrics and accessories as possible while considering the aesthetic value of the product. We convert bags, tarpaulins, parts of closet, event walls, elements of banners from which are formed bags, gadgets, accessories. Upcycled products can be sold, serve as gifts for employees or partners or go to charity.


Eco-friendly promotional gadgets sew locally with respect for craftsmanship and workers. We make bags, accessories with special attention to sustainable production while offering refined, high-quality designs. For sewing, we use discarded tacos as well as locally produced tacos with organic production certificates.


Workshops for companies based on the idea of upcycling, where we show that the potential of fabric can be used in different ways and disposal is a total last resort
Consulting on textile waste management and proposing tailor-made solutions for companies.


Contact us and see what solutions we can offer to give a second life to unnecessary textiles in your company.

The results of our business collaborations:


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